7 Pour 0 Brewery began with a man, a garage, and a love for craft beer. A brewery located in Portsmouth, OH, 7 Pour 0 pays tribute to where it all started- the 740 area code.

Each recipe is born at the crossroads of imagination and hard work, each beer as unique as the area it was produced in. Every step of our process is personal. Ideas are scratched down on napkins or notepads, test batches/ recipes are tried by family and friends, brewing and bottling is completed by our small team, and distributing and marketing is done by the owner. Family is of the utmost importance and is incorporated at every level. We wear many hats at this brewery, so it’s a good thing we look good in them.


The dream that started 10 years ago is still the same- to make the best beer. Our goal is to produce the best beer possible, as well as bring positivity, pride and economic growth to our community. We continually try new combinations to invent flavors that appeal to all beer lovers. From the novice entering the world of craft beer to the experienced drinker who enjoys the hoppiest of beers, we will have a drink for everyone.

We began brewing the summer of 2018. Our beer was manufactured at our brewery and was and is currently locally distributed for you to enjoy. Check our social media accounts for the most current locations that will have our beer on tap, or just ask for it everywhere you go!

In December 2019, we discovered a beautiful old building in the Boneyfiddle Historical District. The lovely owner of the building made an attractive deal for us, and we started moving to 631 Second Street, Portsmouth within the next week. While we kept the integrity of the building, we did the huge majority of the work ourselves. We commissioned Stump Standards to do our one-of-a-kind live edge bar and tables. Local artist Nick Sherman painted a mural of the brewing process on our wall. There were many, many late cold nights and long cold days getting brewery ready. 

Finally, on March 1st, 2019, we opened our doors to the public. 7 Pour 0 Brewery officially had a taproom! Not only can you enjoy a brew in a pet friendly environment, you can have your favorite beer canned to take with you! There's tons on board games, fireplaces and a chill vibe that makes you want to relax and stay awhile. We've received such wonderful and positive support from our community, as well as meeting many visitors from out of town. We will continue to use as much local resources as possible and support local business!

We still distribute kegs and cans  to local restaurants and stores in the area. They are also available for parties and special events.

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Twitter: @7pour0brewery

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